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Dr. Raab frequently delivers presentations at forums relating to energy, climate change and dispute resolution issues.

Some recent presentations include:

 Joint Fact-Finding in Urban Planning and Environmental Disputes
Routledge Press
Dr. Raab wrote a chapter "Energy and Climate Stakeholder Processes in the United States" for the monograph "Joint Fact-Finding in Urban Planning and Environmental Disputes", Edited by Masahiro Matsuura and Todd Schenk. The book was published in 2017 by Routledge as part of its Science and Society Series. The book can be purchased at: www.amazon.com/Fact-Finding-Planning-Environmental-Disputes-Earthscan-ebook/dp/B01LZ2495J
 MassMoves Public Engagement Workshops
Barr Foundation, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
In 2017 Raab Associates worked with the Consensus Building Institute and Senate President Stanley Rosenberg to facilitate the MassMoves public engagement initiative to design a 21st century transportation system for Massachusetts. As part of the State Senate’s 2017 Commonwealth Conversations tour, MassMoves, funded by the Barr Foundation, facilitated nine public workshops across the state.

State senators and other state, local, and civic leaders attended these transportation workshops, to receive public input on priorities for the Commonwealth’s transportation future. A report summarizing the results from the workshops provided state, regional, and local transportation decision makers with the Massachusetts' residents' views about the future direction of transportation in the Commonwealth.
 U.S. DOE’s Consent-Based Initiative Panel
U.S. Department of Energy
Dr. Raab participated in a panel held by the U.S. Department of Energy in Boston on June 2, 2016: U.S. DOE’s Consent-Based Initiative (pertaining to spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste).
 Advanced Energy Conference 2016
Advanced Energy Conference
Dr. Raab gave a presentation on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) at the 2016 Advanced Energy Conference (AEC), the premier New York State Energy Conference. This presentation was part of a panel entitled “Role of Policy in Regional Energy Transitions,” which included Québec’s Minister of Energy, Pierre Arcand, Judy Greenwald of US DOE and others.
 Guest Speaker, Harvard Law School
Harvard Law School
In March 2016, Dr. Raab gave a presentation, "Designing and Facilitating/Mediating Effective Stakeholder Processes" as a guest lecturer for a Dispute Resolution Systems Design Course at Harvard Law School taught by Prof. Viscomi.
 EU Distributed Generation Workshop-IIT Comillas, Madrid, Spain
Institute for Research in Technology, Comillas Pontifical University
Dr. Raab was invited to give a presentation at a workshop on Distributed Generation (DG) and the future of electricity systems regulation in the European Union, held at the Institute for Research in Technology, Comillas Pontifical University, in Madrid, Spain in July 2015. The workshop was modeled on the MIT Utility of the Future project and included the participation of experts from that project.

 New England Economic Partnership Energy Conference
New England Economic Partnership
Dr. Raab served as a panel moderator and presenter at New England Economic Partnership's conference, "Building the Backbone of Energy Efficiency", held June 2, 2015 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.
 Québec Energy Planning Process
Province of Québec, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
Dr. Raab was a panelist on the Electricity and Renewable Energy Panel at the
New Energy Policy for Québec forum in Shawinigan, Québec. The panel and discussion
were part of Québec’s energy planning process for its 2016-2025 energy plan.
 Guest Lecture - University of Pennsylvania Energy Policy Course
University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Raab gave a guest lecture/presentation entitled "New England: Center of Energy Innovation with Big Challenges Ahead," to students in Professor Andrew Huemmler's Energy Policy course at the University of Pennsylvania.
 Energy Roadmap 2050 for the Northeastern US-International Insights on Public-Private Regional Decarbonization Strategies
CLF, CLF Ventures, Center for International Environment & Resource Policy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Oak Foundation, German Consulate General
Dr. Raab was a featured speaker at the initial convening of the Energy Roadmap 2050 Process at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. The day-long event, titled "Catalyzing a Climate & Energy Roadmap 2050 Process for the Northeastern US," drew US and German business and government leaders to discuss lessons learned from the experiences of Europe and the US. Dr. Raab delivered a presentation entitled, "Engaging Stakeholders in NE in Envisioning Pathways to 80% GHG Reductions by 2050."
 Article in IEEE Smart Grid
Written by Ben Davis, Justin Brant and Jonathan Raab

Published in the April 2014 Issue of "IEEE Smart Grid"
The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities developed an inclusive approach to planning grid modernization that emphasizes desired outcomes rather than specific technological solutions. Within that framework, expected consumer benefits from certain upgrades such as AMI were found to be different in Massachusetts than in some other states, while innovations like dynamic pricing entailed some special complexities. The end result of the process was to galvanize an engaged group of experts, interested parties, businesses and regulators poised to usher in a smarter grid.

 MIT Electricity Students Research Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
In February 2014, Dr. Raab was a guest speaker at a monthly event sponsored by the MIT Electricity Students Research Group.
 A State Agency Guide to Effective Dialogue
By Sara Cohen, a Senior Fellow, Consensus Building Institute
A State Agency Guide to Effective Dialogue, a report from the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program by Sara Cohen, a Senior Fellow, Consensus Building Institute. This guide, intended for state agencies that are trying to use more collaborative approaches to have more effective conversations, make better decisions, and enjoy broader support for those decisions, focuses on twelve case studies that illustrate some of the goals that environmental agencies in New England have achieved through facilitated collaborative processes. Several of the case studies featured were mediated, designed, or run by Raab Associates.
 Finding Common Ground Project
Regulatory Assistance Project, National Consumer Law Center, Sierra Club
Dr. Raab was retained to facilitate the “Finding Common Ground” project summit in Washington DC. Convened by the Regulatory Assistance Project, the National Consumer Law Center, and the Sierra Club, the three-day summit in late January 2013 brought together national stakeholders representing both environmental organizations and consumer groups. The goal of the summit was for both groups to better understand each other’s positions and underlying interests regarding energy and utility issues, in order to form stronger coalitions wherever possible and to jointly advance policies and principles stemming from areas of common ground.
 68th Harvard Energy Policy Group Plenary
Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Dr. Raab delivered a presentation entitled "Distributed Generation News and Challenges in New England" at the 68th Harvard Energy Policy Group Plenary, held October 12, 2012 at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.
 NPFMC/IPHC Workshop on Halibut Ecology and Bycatch Issues
International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC)
In April 2012, Dr. Raab facilitated a public workshop in Seattle, Washington to examine several issues related to Pacific halibut ecology and bycatch. The two-day workshop was jointly sponsored by the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC). The first day consisted of a series of presentations by staffs of IPHC, the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and independent scientists and fishing industry representatives on topics related to bycatch estimation, management, and its effects on halibut harvest strategy, as well as halibut growth and migration. The second day was focused on discussions of the previous day’s topics by a science panel, and included public testimony and participation.

Workshop materials can be found at: http://www.iphc.washington.edu/meetings-and-events/workshops/268-bycatch-workshop-2012.

The final workshop report can be found at: http://www.alaskafisheries.noaa.gov/npfmc/PDFdocuments/halibut/HalibutBycatchWorkshopSummary412.pdf

 Japan Nuclear Power Safety Joint Fact-Finding Conference
Alternative Research Institute,University of Tokyo
In December 2011, Dr. Raab gave a presentation,"Engaging Experts, Stakeholder Groups, and Citizens on Energy-Related Joint Fact Finding" at a public conference at the University of Tokyo. The conference, sponsored by the Policy Alternative Research Institute of the University, explored the use of collaborative approaches and joint fact-finding to analyze the risk of earthquakes to nuclear power plants.
 Wind on the Islands Presentation at Harvard University Forum
The Island Institute
On November 3, 2011, Dr. Raab spoke on a panel at "Islands of New England: Models for Alternative Energy Futures," a free public event held at Harvard University and sponsored by the Island Institute, a membership-based community development organization that focuses on creating a balanced future for the islands, waters and working waterfront communities of the Gulf of Maine. The event featured a screening of the film, "Islands in the Wind" and was followed by a panel on wind and renewable energy development in Maine.
 Improving Stakeholder Engagement in Wind Siting and Policymaking
Massachusetts Wind Working Group/Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
As part of an October 2011 panel on Stakeholder Engagement and the Wind Siting Bill, sponsored by the Mass Wind Working Group and the MA Clean Energy Center, Dr. Raab gave a presentation entitled “Improving Stakeholder Engagement in Wind Siting and Policymaking.”
 Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Brown Bag Lecture Series
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Dr. Raab gave a talk at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Series on May 20, 2011, entitled, "Engaging Stakeholders and Citizens More Effectively in Wind (and other Renewable Energy Siting) and Policymaking."
 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Wind Turbine Guidelines (Federal Advisory Committee)
US Department of the Interior,
Fish and Wildlife Service

Contracting through IECR, Raab Associates facilitated Federal Advisory Committee meetings for the Department of Interior's U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to discuss the Service’s draft Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines. The objectives for the meetings were to discuss the similarities and differences between the Committee’s initial recommendations and several iterations of Fish and Wildlife Service’s Draft Guidelines; to offer the Committee members an opportunity to provide comments on the Service’s Draft Guidelines; and to inform the Committee Members and the public on next steps. The FAC included both federal and state agency representatives. Public comments were included in each meeting. On March 23, 2012, the Department of the Interior released guidelines designed to help wind energy project developers avoid and minimize impacts of land-based wind projects on wildlife and their habitats. The voluntary guidelines will help shape the smart siting, design and operation of the nation's growing wind energy economy. For more information go to the DOI website: http://www.fws.gov/windenergy/
 Facilitating Wind Siting Workshop
U.S. Department of Energy
With the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) and the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, Raab Associates designed and ran a national training funded by U.S. DOE on facilitating wind siting. This three day workshop, held at Harvard Law School in March 2011, was geared toward state and local government officials, wind developers, and other stakeholders and focused on developing the capacity to collaborate effectively on wind development policy, facility siting, and related issues, including visual impacts, noise, credible data, local benefits and more. Using a mix of presentations, panel discussions and interactive exercises, the workshop introduced important risk assessment, planning, and decision-making tools and concepts.

Wind Powering America (WPA), a nationwide initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy's Wind Program, recognized the Raab Associates/CBI workshop as a successful step toward increasing the acceptance of wind technology in the U.S., calling it a “Wind Powering America Success Story”.

 Social Challenges of Wind Energy Conference
Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
In November 2010, Dr. Raab gave a talk entitled "Improving Stakeholder and Citizen Engagement on Wind Siting and Policymaking" at the Social Challenges of Wind Energy Conference which was sponsored by the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences in Plymouth, MA. Hear Dr. Raab discussing wind siting in a WNPR radio story about the conference.
 Climate Policy and Social Justice: Regional, State and Local
Guest Lecture at Harvard Law School's Climate Change Justice Class
Dr. Raab gave a guest lecture/presentation on Climate Policy and Social Justice for Professor Michael Vandenbergh's Climate Change Justice Class at Harvard Law School.
 Developing Transmission Infrastructure for Renewable Energy in Germany
University of Göttingen
At the request of Germany's energy regulator, Dr. Raab presented a paper, New Models for Consensus Building and Acceleration of Large-Scale Energy Infrastructure Projects, (co-authored with Professor Larry Susskind of MIT) at a conference in Germany in June 2009.
 Greenhouse Gas Policies and Programs in New England
U.S. EPA Region I
In 2009, Dr. Raab delivered a presentation for US EPA Region I entitled, “The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), State Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Plans, and the Economy.”
 MIT’s 2009 Energy Conference: Accelerating Change in a Global Economy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Raab participated in the panel “Comparative Energy Policy between Europe and the US and their Impacts on the Wind Industry.”
 Reducing Conflict and Bringing Better Decision-Making Processes to New England’s Energy Field
Energy Bar Associations’ ADR Committee, Boston Bar Association, International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution
Dr. Raab delivered a presentation entitled, “Using 3rd Party Neutrals to Assist Stakeholders to Formulate New Energy Related Policies and Resolve Energy Related Disputes in New England.”
 MIT's 2008 Energy Conference: Solutions That Scale to Meet the Energy Challenge -Technology, Policy, and Entrepreneurship
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Raab moderated the panel on End Use Energy Efficiency, which included Jackalyne Pfannenstiel (Chair, CA Energy Commission), Harvey Michaels (Nexus Software), and Michael McQuade (UTC). Conference website: http://www.mitenergyconference.com/2008/agenda.php
 International Workshop on Social Decision Making Process on Energy Technology and Workshop on Mediation Practice Issues - Tokyo Japan
Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry and Association for Conflict Resolution, Japan
In 2005 Dr. Raab was invited to Tokyo along with three other international experts, to participate in a workshop that was the culmination of a multi-year project by CRIEPI in Japan to study ways to enhance citizen and stakeholder involvement in energy technology decision-making. The first day was spent providing feedback to the 20+ authors on their draft case studies and overall recommendations. On the second day, CRIEPI presented its work to a broader audience of over 100 participants, and Dr. Raab gave a presentation on his own work in the US, entitled "Engaging Stakeholders in Energy and Environmental Policy and Technology Decision Making in the United States".

While visiting Japan, Dr. Raab also ran a separate workshop for the Association of Conflict Resolution, Japan, entitled “Practicing Public Sector Dispute Resolution in the United States” for more than 25 practitioners and researchers.

 New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable
Multiple New England Stakeholders
Since 1995, Raab Associates has convened and moderated the Restructuring Roundtable, the premier energy forum in the New England region. Raab Associates develops topics and meeting agendas, recruits speakers and panelists, and produces quarterly events attended by an average of 200 diverse stakeholders. The Restructuring Roundtable is sponsored by a wide-ranging cross-section of stakeholder groups in New England and has a national reputation as an insightful, non-partisan venue for deliberating on current energy issues facing the region. Since 2023, Janet Gail Besser has been moderating the Roundtable, with Jonathan Raab continuing as convener, senior advisor to Janet Gail Besser, and occasional moderator.

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